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What exactly does the Entrepreneur Network do and how can it help South African SMME's validate and scale their business?


Once a year, the Entrepreneurs' Network gathers over 50 small to medium sized business owners who come together for the sole purpose of validating, scaling and networking their business and entrepreneurial projects.


This is each entrepreneur's chance to gather a network of mentors, business leaders and educational resources to assist them in their journey of successfully managing their current and future business roadmap.

Mentorship program

We offer a fantastic opportunity to learn and be guided by some of the best mentors and business people within South Africa.

Special VIP events

Get your invite to a number of special VIP events throughout the year and be part of exclusive talks, presentations and workshops.


Corporate CEOs, founders, tech junkies and government officials. Expect to hear from industry leaders as they aim to inspire you to achieve your ambitions.

Unrivaled networking

There's nothing like it. Enjoy access to mentors, peers, potential investors and more with EN's unrivaled focus on networking.

No-cost resources

A completely cost-free program that gives you the opportunity to learn from experts, be guided by peers and assisted by resources designed to help you and your business.

Mental health coaching

Unsure your path? Can't decide whether you're moving forward or backwards? Tap into our mental health resources to help guide your path.

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